get woodworking week

i've really enjoyed reading all the blogs this week.  lots of great ideas and tales of efforts to inspire someone to take up an activity that i really get a kick out of.  i felt a little left out because i couldn't come up with anything to contribute.  nothing that wouldn't conflict with my 'i have nothing to teach you' mantra at any rate..

then i came up with an original idea.  i've had two original ideas so far in my time here on earth and i'm too old to remember now but i think the first may well have been to keep track of how many original ideas i have..


i was doing something woodworking related (i can't say specifically, it'll spoil a surprise) and feeling quite grateful for everyone that had helped me discover what a great thing it is to work wood.  there are those that gave me the initial inspiration, those that put a tool in my hand to get me started, and those that offered their assistance and advice when i got stuck, or wanted to know more about something new.

i found a way today to thank someone that, though we've never met, has helped me a great deal with some of the more recent discoveries in my woodworking journey.  i hope he enjoys it but even if doesn't, it felt good to make an effort on his behalf in a show of gratitude.  something i should have done a long time ago.

so, here's my small offering to 'get woodworking week'.  as the week draws to a close, think of all those that helped you along the way, pick one, and thank them..

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