aunt cathy's cabinet

i've wanted to build a cabinet for my aunt (shh..  surprise..) for quite a while now.  she has been extremely generous to my wife and me, and i wanted to make her something i thought she'd really like.  this will be very similar to the cabinet i built for my mom but a bit more complicated as i'll build a base for it and include a more involved shelving/drawer arrangement inside the case.

here's a sketchup i used to play with dimensions and a few construction details.

the base looks a bit small to me now, i'll have to play with it some more.  top profile still tbd.  doubt i'll use a straight bevel though as i've done a lot of those recently..

so far i've roughed out the parts for the case, door frame and panel.

going to let them sit for a week or two before i work them closer to final dimensions.  i'd like to get going on it as i've recently joined chris hall's online carpentry study group and i want to make sure i have time to keep up with the next project.  not sure what it is yet ;)

enjoy the weekend!