mom's cabinet II

thought i'd throw up some final pics of the cabinet i built my mom for christmas.  i ended up spending a whole lot of time on things that never sound like they'll be a big deal during the planning phase.  the pull, the latching mechanism and a surprise door twist (i swear it was flat when i put finish on it..) ended up taking a good bit of time.  i really need to start keeping a project log to keep track of the time i spend on different aspects of each project.  bet i'd learn a lot from it.  anyway..

here are a couple pics of me working on the pull.  i had a not-so-original idea in my head and kept poking a piece of scrap with a chisel until it gave me what i want.

here's a pic of my 'i want to fuss on this a while' set up.  notice it gives me 3 stops to work against.  very fast..

and here's a shot of the finished pull.  i'm quite happy with it..

a few shots of the finished cabinet..

the finish is shellac and wax on the maple panel, oil and wax on the rest.

overall, i'm quite pleased with it.  it's the first project i've built around a specific piece of wood (door panel) which was interesting because i had to size the cabinet around it, rather than build the door to fit the cabinet. it's also the first (non shop) project where i've cut the dovetails by hand.  embarrassingly, it's also the first thing i've made for my mom.  lot of firsts and it was fun..

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