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so it turns out i'm going to take my own advice and keep a log for my next project.  my wife and i need new coffee and side tables.  they'll be fairly straight forward arts & crafts style so they fit in with the rest of our decor.  i'll start with the side table as i want to play with some details, proportions and possibly some subtle (or maybe not-so-subtle) leg shaping on a less expensive piece that i can give away if we decide we don't like it.

i'm trying to clear out a large project (which i haven't shown you yet..) but i'm down to a couple of very minor trim pieces and figured i may as well start roughing out parts for this project while i curse and fit the trim.

for the record.  i can't stand built-ins..

anyway, as this is the first actual project that i've started since i began the blog, i figured it would be a good one to, well..  log, i guess.  plus, it's such a simple project that it'll be fun to play with the process a bit.  i'm not trying to find out how quickly i can build this.  in fact, i plan to take my time.  i want to get an idea of how long steps might typically take at a nice easy pace.  if i want to sit and fuss over some meaningless detail for an hour or two i will.

here's as far as i got in sketchup.  just enough to get the dimensions and proportions sorted a bit..

i was able to sort through my rapidly dwindling stock of cherry, rough out parts for the top and decide on a pleasing panel arrangement in an hour.  crosscut with the bow saw, jointer-planer-jointer, and ripped to rough width on the table saw.

thought i had some 8/4 for the legs but i don't so i'll have to stop and pick some up in the next day or two.

total hours so far = 1

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