side table II

huh.  a month and a half since my last entry.  it's not that i haven't been in the shop doin my thing.  in spite of recently taking a new job (which i'm quite stoked about btw..) i've been able to get at least a little shop time nearly every day.

i've worked on a few different projects which i'll have to show you at some point but i finally got down to the lumber yard and picked up some more cherry to finish the table.  i'd planned to pick up some 8/4 to use for the legs but the yard guy was a little grumpy about pulling the bunk down for me.  he pointed to the 5 sorry-est looking planks i've seen in a while (the dregs of the last bunk) and said, 'what's wrong with those?'


i decided to hack the legs out of a large 10' 12/4 cherry plank i've had sitting around for 5 or 6 years waiting for that 'perfect' project.  it's in the way and i need legs.  i cleaned up one face well enough to study the grain a bit and picked my section.  bow saw chewed through it like a fiend.

about 1.5hrs into the day, i'd roughed out four legs and aprons.

let a week pass and brought them to final(ish) dimensions.  decided one of the legs wasn't up to snuff and hacked out another one real quick.  about 1 hour including some shop cleanup.

came home from dinner tonight and told the wife i was gonna 'tink-tink' for a bit.  that's code around here for chopping mortises.  got the all clear and went to work.  layout and devastation of the 8 leg mortises took a good two hours.

i still need a lot of practice chopping mortises by hand.  i'm still much slower than i'd like to be.  a good portion of that time was spent figuring out how i wanted to do the front apron (due to the drawer) but seriously..

haven't done the haunch recesses yet..

total hours so far = 5.5