side table III

got a good amount of shop time in today.

jointed the edges of the boards i'd roughed out for the top and glued it up.  twice actually..  as i was tightening the clamps the first time, i noticed a couple of gaps that i hadn't seen and the hot hide glue i was using wasn't behaving quite the way i'd hoped.  i think i'd let it sit too long.

anyway, i got it all clamped up only to pull it apart, clean it all up and do it again.  the second time it came together quite nicely.

also got the haunch recesses and the tapers cut on the legs.  i 'cut' the tapers with a scrub plane and my new lie-nielsen #6 (damn that's a sweet plane!) rob cosman style.  first time i'd done it that way.  the first couple of legs took a while but i flew through the last two.  i think i still prefer bandsaw/#6 but it's fun to rip chunks out of a board with the scrub now and again.

i'm gonna say i spent 3 hours in the shop today.

next up is cleaning/squaring/shaping the top so i can figure out the length of my aprons.  i'm guessing i'll only get 550x550mm out of the top rather than the 600x600 i'd planned for but we'll see..

total time spent so far = 8.5

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