mom's cabinet

a little late to really call this a build thread but i thought i'd catch you up on my current project.  this is a small cabinet i'm trying to get done for my mom for christmas.

there are a couple of firsts for me with this project.  this is the first time i've worked with a spalted wood, this being maple.  i found it crumbled quite easily during planing and sanding but i finally came up with a surface i'm happy with.  

this is also the first project i'll be giving to someone where i cut the dovetails by hand.  they came out pretty well  but i'll wait until i've applied the oil before deciding if some hand cut moldings will be added to the effort ;)..

here's a pic as i'm ready to glue up the frame and panel door..

and another with the cabinet..

thanks for reading.  comments, questions and suggestions for content are always welcome.

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